Matrix-Five Virtual World

Matrix-Five Virtual World is a virtual world/reality created by Moorpheus in 2012. In this virtual world simulation, we create avatars for ourselves through which we operate in this virtual world/reality. In Matrix-Five we have homes, parks, malls, movie theaters, stores, offices, a university campus, classrooms, meditation rooms, art galleries, performance stages, lounges, groups/clubs, forums, and more!

Once you have completed the Occoulia I and Occoulia II Courses, you are eligible to become a Full Member (Neotype) of Matrix-Five and join the Advanced Occoulia Study & Research, as well as take part in Matrix-Five Virtual World!

Matrix-Five Videos

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Lots More to Come!

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Occoulia Mastermind Guild

“Knowledge – Diligence – Detail”

Membership Drive

Our goal is to sign up 50 members to the Occoulia Mastermind Guild. If you would like more information and to possibly become a member of this historic “Class 1” of “the Guild”, fill out the form below.

Once we have 50 form submissions, we will invite you to a series of private classes and meetings leading to the start of Guild Education and Training. 


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