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If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a sigil is worth infinite words!

Sigils are an ancient way of manifesting intent and affecting reality. It is another example of man’s ability to program and alter this reality (simulation) using our minds (limbic system).

Sigils are made by first meditating on what is it that you want to achieve. Then you write this down in statement form with this symbol “$” at the beginning of the statement (stands for open statement), and this symbol “:” which stands for “close statement.”

Next, you take out all the vowels in your statement. You will be left with only the consonants of your statement. 

Next, remove all duplicates of any consonants so that there is only one representation of each consonant in the statement.

With the remaining string of consonants left in your statement, you construct a sigil (symbol) using the “Occoulia Alphabit” (including in the Sigil Creator) such that you can trace all of the remaining consonants with your index finger.

This sigil (symbol) is a representation of your original statement in graphic or sigil format. This format is the equivalent of machine code language in computer science for the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind readily knows from the sigil the exact statement that the sigil represents, see it as a command and runs it (proceeds to make it manifest).

A sigil is the equivalent to a program or script in computing and is used as one of the 8 components used in Occoulia to programs self and “reality”. There is much more to this which is taught in the Occoulia Courses.

The meditations that are used to ascertain your statement to be made into a sigil are here.

Sigil Creator Deluxe Collection

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