Short Bio on the Founder


Short Bio on Hakim H. Y. Bey founder of Matrix-Five Youth Technology Academy

Hakim H. Y. Bey is the founder and Master Instructor of the Matrix-Five Youth Technology Academy. He is a former teacher and computer lab instructor in New York (elementary, middle, and high school).

Hakim graduated Cum Laude with a B.A. in Accounting and Business Practice and certificate of Business Administration from Herbert H. Lehman College, New York. Hakim also was on the deans list and was a Belle Zelle Award nominee.

Hakim is a graduate of the NYC Teaching Fellows Program at City College New York. The program’s purpose was to educate and certify teachers in New York for immediate employment and placement as a teacher in New York City Board of Education schools.

Hakim also studied Computer and Electronics at Queensboro College New York and is also a Certified Life Coach.  

Hakim has been involved with computers since 1980 and the internet since its beginning, thus over 40 years of experience in computers the internet and related fields.

Hakim has also been involved in the community founding a community center in his neighborhood in the Bronx during the crack epidemic which resulted and the death and imprisonment of many youth in his neighborhood.

The youth in my neighborhood literally begged me to start a community center for them because they said all they hear is guns after school, so I did exactly that, I started a community center for them, and they loved it!


Hakim H. Y. Bey also:

  • Is a certified life coach,

  • has taught and certified life coaches,

  • designed a “Rites of Passage” education,

  • has written and self-published 16 books,

  • has self-published over 100 books,

  • has lectured nation-wide,

  • has taught hundreds of classes online and 1 on 1,

  • Is the founder of the “Tune Earth Project”,

  • Music producer for Tune Earth.

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