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Free Account membership to Matrix-Five Virtual and Website. Upgrade to a Cornerstone Account at any time!

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Cornerstone Account (Monthly Payment)
Cornerstone Account (vendor) membership to Matrix-Five website with a store in our website marketplace and store (office, etc) in the virtual world and mall. Both can transact real business, with real money, in real-time! Affiliate membership and more!   only $97/month!  
only $97/month

We have two main types of accounts; Free Accounts and Cornerstone Accounts.

1) Free Accounts
allow you to come into Matrix-Five Virtual World and take part in all events, as well as meet and socialize with other people.

You can rent homes, ads and upgrade to a Cornerstone (Premium) Account at anytime. The homes allow you to create and become a content creator in Matrix-Five Virtual World. The things you can create you can use and even sell in Matrix-Five Virtual World.

Free Accounts will also be automatically enrolled in our affiliate program where you or your organization can earn ongoing commissions and passive income!

2) Cornerstone Accounts allow you to have your own store (businesses), office (professionals and organizations), mall kiosk (booth), art museum (artists), radio station (DJs, podcasters, etc, movie theater (videographers), performance hall (performers and entertainers), and much more.

These stores and other space have the ability to transact real business in real time! Customer and clients can purchase goods and service while in Matrix-Five without ever having to leave.

All Cornerstone Accounts will also be part of Matrix-Five’s Cornerstone Projects who goal is the establishment of a new social and economic paradigm, as well as the largest free trade zone in the world.

We are currently looking to work with the AfCFTA which has just launched (2021) what will be the largest free trade zone in the world. It involves over 50 African nations, 1.2 billion people and an estimated 4 trillion dollars in trade ($4,000,000,000,000)! By linking and working with the AfCFTA we will be plugging into untold wealth and opportunity. We have already established contact and communication with government officials and diplomats in the United Nations!

Get your Cornerstone Account now while everything is at the ground floor NOW! Cornerstone Accounts are only $97/month  or $25/week

Those who sign up now will be grandfathered in and you monthly payment will never go up!

Cornerstone Accounts also get a store on the Matrix-Five website along with a vendor account and vendor dashboard! Cornerstone Accounts will also be automatically enrolled in our affiliate program where you or your organization can earn ongoing commissions and passive income!



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