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We provide services in the areas below to; schools, school districts, private schools, youth programs, and more!

1. The Matrix-Five Virtual Learning Environment (V.L.E.) Services

Our “V.L.E.” or virtual learning environment is consists of  two main components:

  1. Online/Website (matrix-five.com)
  2. Virtual World (Matrix-Five Virtual World)

Online/Website: Students enroll online at the website. The courses, lessons/classes can also be done online via the website.

Virtual World: The student enters into this virtual world by logging in via a viewer installed on their computer (Windows or Mac). Once the student enters the virtual world, they will interact and function inside the virtual world via an avatar.

Each student/avatar can then enter their dorm room to begin the lesson or class (in the case of Academy students). When the student then completes their lesson/class, they then can begin work on their projects interactively and collaboratively with other students.

For more on the Matrix-Five V.L.E., go here

2. The Matrix Five Learning Management System (L.M.S) Services

The Matrix-Five Learning Management System is one of the only learning management systems delivered primarily via a virtual world. The lessons/classes, topics, and quizzes are delivered into the virtual world live-streamed (synchronous) as well as automated/dripped (asynchronous).

The lessons/classes, topics, and quizzes are all delivered into the virtual world via flat screens, large, small, in the student dorms, or in other designated res in the virtual world.

Matrix-Five Learning Management System is also one of the few earning systems with automated enrollment and placements that a student can enroll at any time, go at any pace, and have lessons dripped to them based on when they enrolled automatically! They can then go at their own pace and schedule. 

For more on the Matrix-Five V.L.E., go here

3. Gamification in Education Services

E-Learning and Gamification: Our Motto, Research and Philosophy

As a result of Covid-19, many schools were forced to implement remote learning as a result of social distancing, quarantines, and other rules, guidelines, and restrictions. The schools and education systems here in the United States and worldwide were caught off guard and did not have any mass remote learning policies and procedures in place.

Covid-19 surfaced at the beginning of 2020 and the remainder of the school year from 1/2020-6/2020 was in chaos. Schools scrambled that summer (2020) to try to Putin place some sort of remote-learning system for the school year 2020-2021. It turned out so bad that it actually gave “remote-learning” a bad name. Teachers and students cringed when they heard that word.

Remote-learning failed miserably in the school year 2020-2021. Yet, despite this failure, remote-learning and e-Learning is not only here to stay, but it may also be the solution to many of the problems that plagued education prior to Covid-19!

Come now the “gamification of e-Learning” which means applying the competitive, fun, and immersive and psychological benefits of “gamification” to education. Gamification is a way of rewarding desired educational goals and outcomes.

We have integrated gamification into the Matrix-Five L.M.S. (Learning Management System) and we have incorporated gamification into our V.L.E. (Virtual Learning Environment) via our virtual world. This is how we “Make Learning Fun Again.”

For more on the Matrix-Five V.L.E., go here

The minimum requirement for our FREE Trial/Pilot Program is 20 students minimum and 54 students maximum!

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