Meditation Music

Our patent mix of ambient music, nature sounds, environment sounds, ASMR, alpha, theta, and beta frequencies.

Meditation is an ancient method of getting oneself into an “Alpha State”, which is when the predominate brainwave pattern is between 4-8 Hz.

Human brainwave usually falls in 4-5 frequency categories:

Beta (13-39 Hz) – This is the “wake” state brainwaves for humans. In this state the person is awake, the conscious ego mind is sharp and alert. This state can be good for study, taking exams, working with machinery and heavy equipment, etc.

We plan to have Beta Meditations available soon!

Alpha (8-12 Hz) – This is the brainwave state when a person is meditating, daydreaming, etc., where you are in a highly relaxed state, yet aware. It is a highly suggestive state and is what I refer to as the perfect conscious programming environment, where you have access to both the conscious/ego mind (binary computer) and the subconscious mind (quantum computer).

NOTE: The meditations below are currently all “Alpha 8-10 Hz” encoded!

Theta (4-8 Hz) – This is usually the first stages of sleep in adult humans. It is a highly suggestive state that can be used for deep programming using guided meditations while sleep. 

We plan to have Theta and Deep Delta Guided Meditations available soon!

Delta (0.1-4 Hz) – Deep sleep! This is when the physical body/avatar just like a laptop is in “standby”, “sleep” or “hibernation” mode and the consciousness leaves the body and returns back to “the source”. The body heal and repairs itself and programming using guided meditations can help and assist with this.

We plan to have Theta and Deep Delta Guided Meditations available soon!

Gamma (39 + Hz) – This is when the brain is in a highly energized high-frequency state. The conscious mind is very keen and sharp in relatively short spurts. If this state is maintained too long it can lead to anxiety, nervousness, and agitation.

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