Occoulia – Hidden Powers & Hidden Truths

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* How do you find your life purpose
* Are we living in a simulation?
* What is heaven and hell?
* Why am I here?
* If we live in a simulation, do we have the power to program it?
* What is alpha meditation?
* What is meditation good for?
* What is a sigil and how do I make and use one?
* How do I delete old mental programs that are holding me back?
* How can I use my mind as the first protocol to healing myself?
* What is a virtual world?
*. What is Matrix-Five Virtual World and how can I participate in it (join)?
* Why are people, places and things changing?
* What powers do I have in this simulation called “reality?”
* Who built the pyramids, temples, and cathedrals all over the earth?
* What is my “limbic system” and why have I never really been taught about it?
* Why is it said that we have three (3) brains?
* What is money and why does it have so much power over people?
* What is the higher self and lower self?

All of these questions and more will be answered and discussed during our FREE weekly webinars every Sunday at 3:00 PM EST./ 12 Noon PST

Please bring all of your questions! We love answering your questions. See how deep the rabbit hole really goes!

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