Do you know about the Science of Occoulia?

Occoulia is a means by which you can change “reality” as well as change yourself by programming yourself and reality with the science of Occoulia!

  • Matrix-Five is dedicated to not only teaching Occoulia but also establishing a community in our “virtual world” called “Matrix-Five” where we can learn, apply, and mutually support each other in the practice and evolution of the science of Occoulia.

  • The Science of Occoulia was revealed to Moorpheus as the result of several “vision quests”, intense study, and years of application in everyday life.

  • The Science of Occoulia is the application of computer science and quantum mechanics and simulation theory to the study of self and this simulation we call “reality.

  • The Science of Occoulia is also a form of programming consisting of principles and techniques a person can apply immediately to program and reprogram yourself and reality!

The Science of Occoulia is also a profound knowledge of self, who we are as humans, what is our purpose, and the purpose of this life.

What can you do with the science of Occoulia?

Through the science of Occoulia you can:

  • Take charge of your life
  • Overcome bad habits
  • Manage diet, weight and health issues
  • Identify and uninstall mental programs working in the background holding us back
  • Find your purpose in life and establish long term and short term goals
  • Realize and unleash your full potential and hidden powers
  • Have a clear understanding of life, its purpose and your role in it
  • Alter and modify “reality”
  • Improve both mental and physical health
  • Enjoy life and have a healthy and happy attitude
  • Be happy!

Occoulia Tools and Resources

Below are some of the tools and resources used by Neotypes in practicing Occouia.