Tune Earth Book


Tune Yourself to the Earth’s Natural Frequency

The earth’s natural resonant frequency is 8 Hz (7.83 Hz).
 Also Known as the Schumann Resonance.
 It Has Been in Existence for Billions of Years!

Earth’s Alpha Frequency is the Optimal FrequencyFor Health, Happiness, Peace & Prosperity!

Science has shown that the Schumann Resonance / Earth Frequency 
is the same as the human brain’s alpha frequency. When your
 brainwaves are in an alpha frequency state, you are relaxed, peaceful, 
less stressed and thus healthier and more prone to prosperity! 

Tune Into The Earth’s Frequency in Just 9 Minutes

These kits contain everything you need to tune into the earth’s natural
 resonant frequency in just 9 minutes. All you have to do is just listen!

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Table of Contents 


  • Introduction
    1. About the Tune Earth Project
    2. Back to Back – The backstory to the backstory.
    3. Backstory to the “Tune Earth Project”
  • Part 1: The Schumann Resonance / Earth Frequency (8 Hz / 7.83 Hz)

  • Part 2: The Limbic System, 8.0 Hz Alpha/Theta Brainwave, and Self Development
  • Conclusion: Final Thoughts & Summary

  • Appendix 1: Tune Earth Kit: Start Tuning Earth Immediately!
  1. Appendix 2: Details of The Various Devices Included in
    the “Tune Earth Kit”
  • Appendix 3: Extended Quotes, References & Bibliography