Secret of Secrets Book


Secret of Secrets (FREE!)

This book is about the revelation of Occoulia to me during vision quests from 2007 to 2014. Occoulia is something that I know will be of great benefit to man. What has been revealed to me, actually named itself Occoulia, which is a philosophy, paradigm and a programming language used to program what we call “reality.”

Occoulia has changed my life and the lives of hundreds of people since that time. It has helped me beat and reverse type 2 diabetes, which the doctor told me was incurable, and
because of which I would have to take medications for the rest of my life. It was only as a result of applying Occoulia that I was able to finally beat and reversed this disease without ever having to take medication for it once!

Thus, this book is divided into three (3) main parts:

The Vision Quest, the Revelation of Occoulia, and Matrix-Five.

2. What is Occoulia? The Occoulia Paradigm, Philosophy and the
Occoulia programming language (construct) itself.

3. A Vision of New Possibilities and a New World!