Gamification of Education Book




  • Introduction 

Chapter 1: What is the Gamification of Education: The Psychological and Educational Benefits of “Gamification”

  • What is the “Gamification of Education” (The Basic Principles and Benefits of Gamification)
  • The Psychological and Educational Benefits of the “Gamification”
  • Seven Benefits of Gamification of Your Classroom/Teaching

Chapter 2: Three (3) Steps for Teachers Who Want to Gamify Their Classrooms

Chapter 3: Step 1: Application of Game Principles to Your Classroom/Teaching Using Gameshows

Chapter 4: Step 2: Gradually Integrate Game Elements into Your Classroom/Teaching

  • Gamification Elements
  • Virtual Worlds
  • Storylines

Chapter 5: Step 3: Gamification Management:
V.L.E.(Virtual Learning Environment) and L.M.S. (Learning Management System)


Chapter 6: A Vision


  • Appendix 1: The 52 Elements of Gamification


The gamification of education involves the application of what we know about the games and human psychology, to education.

The gamification of education is something that every teacher should not only know about but should be applying in their classroom and teaching. After the chaos caused within the education system of the United States resulting from Covid-19, an opportunity has also presented itself to upgrade and update the education system.

Education in the United States pre-Covid-19 had many things wrong with it which needed to be improved. But like most education systems historically and around the world, as an institution, it is one of the most conservative and resistant to change. Especially big changes or major overhauls.

Covid-19 exacerbated and highlight many of the things wrong with education pre-Covid-19. Covid-19was also a wake-up call and offers us a chance to over-haul education for the better.

This being said, the best way for education in the United States to change is via the teachers. They are the heavy lifter of the education system. Not enough can be said about their dedication and hard work. Most importantly, most teachers want to teach and see their students learn and excel in life.

Now is the time for teacher’s jobs of teaching to be more efficient, up to date, and happier and easier through the gamification of education. This will make students happier, more engaged, and more motivated to learn as well as retain what they learn. This in turn will make the teacher’s lives easier and happier!