FREE! Alpha Meditation (10Hz) “The Monk’s Cave”


The Monk’s Cave Mindfulness Meditation Music mp3 (Instant Download)

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Who knows what mysteries the Monk was made to perceive in the caves of learning? Ancient myths that hunter gatherers told like cinemas. This meditation brings memories of a fore-gone era. Let it take you back to ancient times!


“Mindfulness Meditation Music mp3s / Duration 27 Minutes / Digital mp3 Instant Download (nothing physical needs to be shipped)

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About Mindfulness Meditation Music mp3s

Our Mindfulness Meditation Music mp3s combine our uniquely and individually made ambient music, nature sounds and brainwave synchronization frequencies to produce our Mindfulness Meditation Music mp3s. Our Mindfulness Meditation Music mp3s is made to relieve stress, soothe, relax and achieve specific objectives (such as promote healing, etc.).  
• Original Music not found anywhere else • Produced using the state of the art sound equipment • Relaxing and calming Alpha brainwave infused. Perfect for programming and re-programming yourself • 320 kbs (Highest Quality mp3) • Isochronic Brainwave Frequencies. Unlike bin-aural which can only be heard via headphones, isochronic can be heard on any speaker(s)) • Self-created Ambient Music • Nature Sounds • File is mp3 • Transfer to phone (IOS, Android) • Transfer to Computer (laptop or desktop) • Transfer to iPad • Digital mp3 – Instant Download (nothing physical needs to be shipped)!

Instant Download / No Shipping Fee!


  Meditation Instructions: These Mindfulness Meditation Music mp3s instructions are the bare essentials and are very much simplified, More advanced options will be discussed later in a different forum.   1) It is good to drink a glass of water and/or make sure you are properly hydrated. 2) Sit or get into any relaxed and conformable position that works best for you. Sitting with spine vertical is good if comfortable for you.

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