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What is the Matrix-Five Youth Technology Academy?

Matrix-Five Youth Technology Academy is an academy that teaches virtual world technology, coding, and development to today’s youth in an actual virtual world.

What are the ages of the students of the academy?

Middle School and High School, approximately 10-18 years old.


  1. Computer – Windows or Mac, Windows Tablet (any size), No phones (too small(, no ios, no android devices!
  2. Mouse with middle wheel
  3. Head (headphone with mic.

What is the schedule of the academy?

The academy is open from 1:00 – 4:00 PM EST – Monday-Friday.

Each day has (1) 2-hour session (more sessions will be added later)

Daily Session:
1:30 PM – 3:30 PM EST


What is the tuition of the academy?

The tuition is $5 per day, per student. This can be paid weekly ($25), bi-weekly ($50), or monthly ($100)

How does the academy teach its students?

Each day, Mon-Fri the academy has (3) 2-hour Learning Sessions. Each student’s tuition is for one 2-hour session per day. Each student is required to choose a project which they will work on alone, with a partner or with a team.

Each day’s 2-hour Learning Session consists of:

  • Initial Instruction and Activity (30 minutes)
  • Hands-on Project Work (90 minutes)

How do the students enter the Matrix-Five Youth Technology Academy?

Each student has their own furnished dorm apartment (Learning Module Unit, LMU), each containing a large flat screen. Each student has their own door entry code.

Each day the students log into the m5 virtual world and into their dorm apartment. They then turn on the flat-screen TV to view that day’s Learning session, instructions, and activities.

Projects will be certified and presented to the parents, along with awards. scholarships, and employment/business opportunities every 3 months.

Can parents, grandparents and great grandparents get involved?

Yes, every parent of the students can get their own account and avatar in Matrix-Five virtual world where they can log in anytime to view the academy when in session, as well as their child’s work and progress. We can also extend this to grandparents and childcare providers.

We actively encourage parents and family to get involved in the many meetings, events, and activities we will have in M5, especially on the weekends.

Curriculum Outline

Short Bio on the Founder

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