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Academy Curriculum Outline

Once you are enrolled as a student, you will be invited to the first day of classes. The first week is called “Orientation Week” and this first week mainly consists of an orientation meeting, on-boarding, the basics, choosing a project, and various administrative activities.

After “Orientation Week” we will begin “On-going Daily Education” consisting of the 5 Learning Modules (see below for details).


Orientation Week (Days 1-7)

The Basics

    1. Orientation
    2. On-boarding
    3. Navigation (walking, running, flying, instant teleportation)
    4. Avatar design, clothing, and appearance


    1. Choosing projects
    2. Working alone with a partner or with a team
    3. Working on your projects




On-going Daily Education

On-going daily Education in the 5 Learning Modules below is taught on an ongoing basis.

Each day, Monday-Friday is dedicated to the teaching of one of the 5 Learning Modules. Each of the 5 Learning Modules, has three levels (Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced) consisting of 12 classes each. At the completion of each level, the student is awarded a certificate of completion.

These 5 Learning Modules are taught in the first 30 minutes of the academy’s daily session. The remaining 90 minutes of the Academy’s daily session the students work on their projects.

The 5 Learning Modules (Courses):

      1. Avatar Design, Life and Programming in the Virtual World
      2. Building, Construction, and Design in the Virtual World
      3. Coding, Scripts, and Programming in the Virtual World
      4. Multimedia, Audio, Video, and Photography, in the virtual world 
      5. Integrating the Internet, E-commerce, and Technology in the virtual world

The first 12 classes (1-12) are considered “Basic Classes”

The next 12 classes (13-24) are “Intermediate Classes”

The next 12 classes (25 – 36) are “Advanced Classes 


Certificates and Projects

After every 12 weeks (3 months)  when each level the students will receive a certificate certifying the successful completion of that level,

Every 3 months we will have a ceremony/event in the virtual world where we will issue certificates and awards, and the students will present their projects to the parents and others.

Projects Ideas

  • Virtual Reality (VR) Gear integration with the virtual world
  • In-world Escalators
  • In-world Transportation (railways, underwater, flying vehiles
  • In-world Fashion and Dance
  • In-world Audio Recording Studio
  • In-world Photo Studio
  • In-world Movie / Video Production
  • Theatrical Production (plays, skits, etc) Performing Art
  • Bit-Hop Project
  • Custom Animations & Gestures
  • Clothing Lines
  • Jewelry Lines
  • Furniture Lines
  • Household Appliances
  • Interior Decoration
  • Architecture and Home Design
  • Exterior Decoration, Landscaping & Gardening
  • E-Commerce
  • Store Decoration, Equipment, Displays, and Functionality Scripts
  • Digital Currency integration with the virtual world
  • Community Development Simulations
  • Rites of Passage
  • Matrix-Five App Development
  • Matrix-Five Virtual World Third-Party Integration
  • Virtual Currency Development
  • “Get Connected” International Social and Economic Trade, Networking, Communications, and Market Development
  • Transportation and Vehicle
  • Mesh Avatars and Mesh Objects
  • Art Projects
  • Music Projects
  • Energy Systems Projects
  • Terraforming
  • Cultural Studies, Classes, Museums and Exhibits
  • Educational Projects
  • Nature and Ecology Projects
  • Fitness Projects
  • Health Projects
  • Avatar Projects
  • Communications Projects
  • Matrix-Five Virtual World Technology Research and Development
  • Radio Stations in the virtual world
  • Music streaming in the virtual world
  • Libraries in the virtual world
  • so much, much more!
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