Class-5 – Pen-creation, Tehuitic Writing (Standalone Version)

Class-5 – Pen-creation, Tehuitic Writing (Standalone Version)


Full Course Outline

Class-1 – Introduction, and Overview

Class-2 – The Science of Sigils and Symbolic Programming

Class-3 – Alpha Meditation (Read)

Class-4 – Divination, the Oracle (Read)

Class-5 – Pen-creation, Tehuitic Writing (Write)

Class-6 – Audio In, Hear, Listen (Input)

Class-7 – Creative Visualization, Video In (Input)

Class-8 – Audio Out, Vocalization, Verbalization (Output)

Class-9 – Video Out, Dramatization, Hand-Sigiling, Sigil Gear, Sigil Dance, etc. (Output)

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