Class-4 – Divination, the Oracle (Standalone Version)

Class-5 – Pen-creation, Tehuitic Writing (Standalone Version)


Class-5 – Pen-creation, Tehuitic Writing

(Standalone Version) 


Full Course Outline

  • Class-1 – Introduction, and Overview
  • Class-2 – The Science of Sigils and Symbolic Programming
  • Class-3 – Alpha Meditation and Brainwave Frequencies and States
  • Class-4 – Divination, the Oracle (Read)
  • Class-5 – Pen-creation, Tehuitic Writing (Write)
  • Class-6 – Audio In, Hear, Listen (Input)
  • Class-7 – Creative Visualization, Video In (Input)
  • Class-8 – Audio Out, Vocalization, Verbalization (Output)
  • Class-9 – Video Out, Dramatization, Hand-Sigiling, Sigil Gear, Sigil Dance, etc. (Output)


The Principles of Occoulia

The Principles of OCCOULIA (1-28)
  1. What we call reality is actually an interactive computer simulation based on source code (programs) and the processing of source code.
  1. Man is the original creator of this computer simulation from another realm or capacity outside of this simulation.
  1. Man, true man is not the physical body. These physical bodies were created by true man to function as avatars in order that man may function inside and within this simulation we call reality.
  1. This computer simulation we call reality is an educational / developmental program or simulation whose purpose is to teach us the “knowledge of good and evil” or duality via direct experience.
  1. The eating of the “fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil” was a parable that is symbolic of the agreement to enter this simulation and undergo this course of study in order to “become as gods, knowing good and evil”.
  1. The “fall of man” is symbolic of the soul or consciousness entering the physical body or avatar from the plane of soul.
  1. Man entered this simulation from the plane of soul (Garden of Eden) not knowing and having no experience regarding duality (good and evil, yin and yang, positive and negative, etc.).
  1. Since what we call reality is really a computer simulation, this means it has an operating system and is therefore programmable. The operating system of this simulation is what is referred to as the subconscious mind.
  1. In order that we would play along with the “game” or go along thinking that this simulation was real, we designed our avatars in such a way that certain chemicals are released by these bodies/avatars at birth and during the course of the lifespan of the avatar which causes us to forget who we truly are from whence we came (Serotonin).
  1. In OCCOULIA we measure and see our bodies in four dimensions instead of just the three dimensions we were taught to view and measure our bodies (which is missing the dimension of time).
  1. In OCCOULIA we exercise the ability to pick and choose the time line we are on using one of the “Eight Components of OCCOULIA” called “Divination.”
  1. These avatars (physical bodies) we created for ourselves to operate in evolved and was developed after many prototypes were tried and recorded in the quantum database maintained by the subconscious mind (Book of Life).
  1. Many of the mysteries, quirks and strangeness of the cosmic realms, earthly realms and quantum realms start to make sense when you realize that this so-called reality is a computer-generated simulation.
  1. The 4 primary brain frequencies of man are Delta, Theta, Alpha, and Beta. The alpha state is the key to tapping into and hacking into to enable and utilize your godlike powers and “admin” capabilities in this simulation we call reality.
  1. In OCCOULIA we use computer science and terminology as analogies for the workings and interrelationships between Man, God and the universe.
  1. In this simulation we use and have access to two computers or minds; the subconscious mind which is likened to a quantum computer we call “Sophia” or wisdom, and the conscious / ego mind which functions like a binary computer.
  1. We are a “distributed computer network” joined together and networked by the subconscious mind.
  1. What was referred to as the “red pill” or the “food of the gods” which allows one to look behind the veil of this simulation is really symbolic of a series of chemicals produced by the human body or avatar, which can also be found outside the body in certain plants.
  1. Each one of us is really a Sovereign god in and the goal of this new age or era of time is to live together as Sovereign gods in accordance with one law, “Do as you will, as long as you do not infringe upon another Sovereigns right of the same”.
  1. This simulation which we call reality was created and is in the form of a vast trust, and we are all beneficiaries as well as trustees of this vast trust we call reality (the universe).
  1. “Life” and the term “living” are processes and refer to the processing of source code by the operating system of the universe (the subconscious mind), the modification of source and the re-processing of said source code.
  1. Matrix-Four or the old age or version of the operating system (subconscious mind) functioned based on the formula or equation of: Humanity = a few sovereigns + masses of subjects.
Matrix-Five or the New / current age or version of the operating system (subconscious mind) will function based on the formula or equation of: Humanity = all sovereigns + zero subjects
  1. There is nothing that we cannot do, the only thing that limits us are ourselves and the limiting mental programs we run via the subconscious.
  1. The “Secret of Secrets simply put is that Man is God and God is Man, always has been and always will be!
  1. In OCCOULIA we program in 8 dimensions by programming in this reality of four dimensions and “Matrix-Five” virtual world which also contains four dimensions. Matrix-Five is a simulation created and launched within this simulation on December 21, 2012 at exactly 11:11 PM EST.
  1. So-called “Autistic Savants” are key in understanding the hidden, dormant powers we have within in a “disabled” state and which can be hacked and enabled via OCCOULIA. 27. Man, physical man, is the microcosm of God, and the whole Universe, and all life forms and living things are all outward projection of Man.
  1. In OCCOULIA, programming (the subconscious) is the first and primary protocol of health and healing.


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