Life Coaching – Any Topic (Pay Per Session)

Life Coaching – Any Topic (Pay Per Session) – Feel free to discuss any topic or subject. Remember, our goal is your happiness and success, and the door is wide open to focus on any topic or subject listed, or not listed.

You can seek the answers to life questions you may have, acquire new skills, learn new techniques and methods for dealing with life or career, seek your purpose in life, etc. The door is wide open!

Occoulia Coaching Method – All of Our coaches here at Matrix-Five are Certified Life Coaches and utilize the Occoulia Coaching Method.

This method involves programming and reprogramming the subconscious mind and limbic system using the “Eight (8) Components of Occoulia“: Meditation, Sigil Creation, Divination, Tehutic Writing, Listening, Visualization, Verbalization, Dramatization.

If you want to know more, you can attend our FREE! Webinars or take our Occoulia Courses I & II.


Life Coaching – Any Topic (Pay Per Session)