About Us

About Us Matrix-Five’s goal is to assist teachers. schools and school districts to utilize the latest technology and research to take education and learning to new and exciting levels! I am Coach Hakim (Hakim Hiawatha Yaqubel) and I am the founder of Matrix-Five. I am a teacher and computer science instructor with experience teaching and […]

Blended Learning Systems

Hybrid / Remote Learning Systems It is 2021 and every school district must have its own digital and internet based V.L.E. (Virtual Learning Environment)V.L.E. – If a teacher, class, school, or school district does not have a digital V.L.E. or L.M.S., I recommend that a teacher create their own. As mentioned in the book, we […]

Virtual Worlds and Education

This step involves the injection of game elements into your classroom/teaching. Game elements such as; points, achievements rewards, badges, levels, virtual worlds, etc..  The integration of these game elements will take engagement, motivation, and educational outcomes to an even higher level.   Gamification Elements Points Points are basic elements of a multitude of games and […]

Step 1: Start Applying Game Principle Immediately Using Gameshows!

15 Reasons Teachers Should Use Gameshows in their Classes   Game Shows Review Without Calling It a Review Games Shows Are Great for Test Preparation Game Shows Are a Strong Preview Mechanism Game Shows Can Make Participants Aware of Their Own Strengths and Weaknesses Game Shows Energize the Class and Generate Positive Emotions Game Show […]

Gamification of Education

What is the “Gamification of EducationThe Psychological and Educational Benefits of “Gamification” What is the “Gamification of Education”? “Gamification of Education” is the application of game principles and elements to achieve educational and behavioral outcomes and goals. We all know and often speak about how young people seem to be addicted to video games and […]

3 Steps

3 Steps for Teachers to Gamify their Classroom! “Gamification of Education” is the application of game principles and elements to achieve educational and behavioral outcomes and goals. Step 1: Application of Game Principles to Your Classroom/Teaching Using Gameshows: A good way for teachers to begin the gamification of their classroom is to use gameshow as […]

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Please book your free consultation at a time most convenient for you. We will call you at the appointed time. If we need to use Zoom for the consultation, we will send you the link. Feel free to ask any questions you may have! If you experience any problems booking contact us at: support@matrix-five.com

Take Your Students on a Virtual Trip!

Take Your Students on a Virtual TripTo the Matrix-Five Virtual Arcade & Playground!   The safest trip on the planet. Why take your students out the school building and risk someone getting lost, hurt, etc. Your students can take a trip to the Matrix-Five Virtual Arcade & Amusement Park and where they can choose from […]

Emergency Remote Learning System (RLS) Set-up & Teacher Training

Emergency Remote Learning System (RLS) Set-up & Teacher Training Hi, my name is Hakim. I am a former New York City Department of Education computer science teacher, and currently a private teacher and coach. Looking at what has happened in education from approximately March 2020 – June 2021 has made me realize the need for […]