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Enroll in the Matrix-Five Youth Technology Academy What is the Matrix-Five Youth Technology Academy? Matrix-Five Youth Technology Academy is an academy that teaches virtual world technology, coding, and development to today’s youth in an actual virtual world. What are the ages of the students of the academy? Middle School and High School, approximately 10-18 years […]


Enroll Now | 14-Day FREE! Trial   Matrix-Five Youth Technology Academy – Daily Payment 14-Day FREE! Trial:… $3.36 / day with a 14-day free trial Sign Up Now! Matrix-Five Youth Technology Academy – Weekly Payment 14-Day FREE! Trial:… $25.00 / week with a 14-day free trial Sign Up Now! Matrix-Five Youth Technology Academy – Monthly […]


Academy Curriculum Outline Once you are enrolled as a student, you will be invited to the first day of classes. The first week is called “Orientation Week” and this first week mainly consists of orientation classes, on-boarding, the basics, choosing a project, and various administrative activities. After “Orientation Week” we will begin “On-going Daily Education” […]

Short Bio on the Founder

Short Bio on Hakim H. Y. Bey founder of Matrix-Five Youth Technology Academy Hakim H. Y. Bey is the founder and Master Instructor of the Matrix-Five Youth Technology Academy. He is a former teacher and computer lab instructor in New York (elementary, middle, and high school). Hakim graduated Cum Laude with a B.A. in Accounting […]

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m5 Video Gallery Flying from the marketplace over the futuristic lounge region and finally over the park. Karaoke! I’m testing a new set of headphones I created in Matrix-Five. The headphone can play any track, music, even audio books! m5 Academy Picture Gallery Previous Next M5 Homes Picture Gallery Previous Next m5 Marketplace […]


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