About Matrix-Five Virtual World


Matrix-Five Virtual World was created and founded by Hakim H. Y. Bey and launched on December 21, 2012 at 11:11 PM EST.

The purpose and goal of Matrix-Five is to serve as a medium and platform through which a new social/economic layer of our world can be established.

Millions of people all over the world are involved with virtual words in one form or another, but mainly in gaming. In fact, millions are spending more time in virtual worlds than in this world![1] Very few think of virtual worlds as having the potential to serve as the platform of a whole new social and economic reality that can enrich the lives of millions worldwide!

Matrix-Five is a virtual world where people create avatars which they use to navigate and function in an immersive virtual word. You enter your Matrix-Five avatar by logging into Matrix-Five. Once you enter you log into your avatar, you can now experience all that is available in Matrix-Five Virtual World and can communicate, transact business and socialize, etc. with people all over the world from the comfort of your own home!

In Matrix-Five Virtual World we have many things that this world has. We have;


  • Homes, apartments, dorms with furniture, doors, keys/passwords tv screens, which your avatar can actually enter and landmark as your home which you can materialize in when you login
  • University campuses with classrooms in which you can attend classes in
  • Movie Theaters and cinemas in which you can enter, sit down and view movies, videos and films
  • Stores, malls, flea markets, etc. in which you can enter, make purchase and can even talk to and ask the merchant questions
  • A Youth Technology & Learning Academy with home-school and after-school programs. Each child/family receives a dorm/studio apartment and either a storefront in a mall, an office or vendor both in our outdoor market place for a family business
  • We have Art Parks with art museums/galleries, as well as stages for open mic and music performances
  • We also have our own Matrix-Five radio station and the ability to stream live or recorded audio and video anywhere within our virtual world
  • Group meditation rooms in which we stream LIVE! Real-time meditation music daily
  • We also plan to have all type of events, meetings, clubs, workshops, training, concerts, movies, performance, and much more!


Thus, in Matrix-Five Virtual World we have everything we need to build and establish a new social and economic layer to this world. It is so much a no-brainer I literally can’t believe it has not been done yet. There is so much we can do. Not even the sky is the limit! The beautiful thing is you can do all of this from the comfort of your home (in your pajamas and a stocking cap if you want, lol)!

In Matrix-Five Virtual World we don’t lease or rent anything, we are a virtual grid we own our own dedicated servers and the very platform that we operate on!


We invite all of you to come and join us. Sign your children and grandchildren in our Youth Technology, build your businesses and anything you want if it is positive and beneficial for everyone. In Matrix-Five Virtual World our goal is to be “one for all and all for one!”

[1] Mcgonigal, J. 2011. Reality is Broken. New York. THE PENGUIN PRESS

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