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It Is Now Time for the Secret of Secrets to be Revealed!

Matrix-Five is dedicated to the teaching, application, research, and development of Occoulia. Man is the Final Frontier!

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Occoulia is a philosophy and applied science. Philosophically, Occoulia is based on the realization that what we call reality is really a computer simulation and our bodies are in fact avatars and part of the simulation.

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Occoulia Applied Science

Since our bodies are part of this simulation, they are both programmable. Occoulia is a means by which we can program or hack ourselves, and thus this reality (simulation). Man’s ability to change himself and reality has been kept a secret from the masses until now!

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Sigils = Programs

In Occoulia, there are eight (8) components that are used to program or hack self and reality. We create programs which are run on the operating system of the simulation. The operating system is referred to as the subconscious mind and the programs we create are called sigils.

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In Occoulia, meditation is also one of the eight (8) components of Occoulia which is used to achieve one of the four (4) main brainwave states which are used in programming self and reality. The frequencies of these states are beta, alpha, theta, and delta.

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Occoulia Mastermind Guild

The Occoulia Mastermind Guild is a community of people who study, research and practice Occoulia for their personal benefit and for uplifting humanity!

We have a special “Harvest Moon Membership Drive” until September 14, 2019, with special benefits & Discounts. The “Guild is based in Matrix-Five Virtual World!

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Matrix-Five Virtual World

Matrix-Five Virtual World is literally a virtual world and a simulation within this simulation designed to teach Advanced Occoulia, as well as a place for Neotypes (Full Members) to meet and work with those of like mind. In Matrix-Five we have homes, a university, movies, parks, meditation rooms, and much more…

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Occoulia Coaching & Mentoring

We have fully qualified and certified life coaches to assist you every step of the way or at any point. We offer personal and private 1 on 1 coaching and mentoring for any who may need assistance programming to find their life purpose, overcome stress, bad habits, or any obstacle in life! We also certify coaches!

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FREE! Webinar Every Sunday

We do FREE! Webinars every Sunday at 3:00 PM EST. / 12 Noon PST. We invite you to join us where you can ask your questions and get answers in real-time. We love your questions!

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Moorpheus El - The Founder

Moorpheus El is the founder of Occoulia and Matrix-Five (website and virtual world). He also wrote the book “Secret of Secrets“. All of this occurred in September of 2011 and was the result of two vision quests in 2007 and 2011.

Moorpheus El is also the teacher of the Occoulia courses, as well as an Occoulia Coach / Certified Life Coach.

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Occoulia Mastermind Guild

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Membership Drive

Our goal is to sign up 50 members to the Occoulia Mastermind Guild. If you would like more information and to possibly become a member of this historic “Class 1” of “the Guild”, fill out the form below.

Once we have 50 form submissions, we will invite you to a series of private classes and meetings leading to the start of Guild Education and Training. 


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