New Science of Music Course


Course Outline (9 Video / PDF Classes)


  • Class 1: Introduction and Overview
  • Class 2: What is the new science of music
  • Class 3: What is the relationship of music to the the limbic system, brain, the whole body, and indeed whole world
  • Class 4:  What types of profound effects have been produced by this new science of music in the past and in the present
  • Class 5: What the relationship of this new science of music to sacred geometry, and divine numbers
  • Class 6:  How is Music produced using the latest software and apps. Believe is or not, a great deal can be down with just your phone these days
  • Class 7: How is the new music integrated into a your music and other genres of music
  • Class 8:  How do you use this new science of music to uplist yourself mentally, physically and finacially (music marketing and sales)
  • Class 9: What are some of the ways we can take music, musicians and the music industry to new and different levels
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There is something special about music and you experience it almost everyday and do not even realize it. Music has not been given credit for its power over man.

When we listen to music, our whole brain gets involved, not just one part. In fact it is one the few if not only thing in this world that involves all parts of the brain to process. It is as if our brains are specially wired and made for music.

It is now time for musicians and music producers to learn the new science of music. This new science involves understanding the self, brain and limbic system which can, heal, change, program, re-program yourself and change your life and the life.

Musicians and Music Producers

It involves the relationship to certain ranges of frequencies (delta, theta, alpha and beta), its effect, and how to integrate (mix) these frequencies into their music to produce profound effects when listened to you or by your audience!

As a musician and music producer, you will evolve your craft to new higher levels, and stand out a unique among the millions of musicians and music producers worldwide!

To date there is not even a handful that know and integrate this new science into their music. Be one of the first, and take the pioneering lead in the music industry. Or just listen to the music interlaced with this new science and reap the mental, physical and spiritual benefits for yourself!

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